Pit Bull Related Injuries

So, Rocky is going to be two years old in a few months and I've been thinking about how he has changed and matured over the years. It's so hard to believe that the little four week old puppy I got seemingly yesterday is now a 70+ pound lap dog.

You know, you really have to respect and admire the strength that Pit Bulls possess. They're some pretty powerful dogs! I remember looping Rocky's lead around the leg of our dining room table so he could be around us and still be close enough to his potty area (outside). He was less than three months old and pulling the table all over, which shouldn't have been such an easy feat.

His strength, while fascinating, has been hazardous to our health. During training and regular play sessions, I've been battered and bruised. I was sitting on the floor a few weeks back, when Rocky decided to come run up to me and try and push himself on my lap. He's a major lap dog, but he's a bit too big for it now. Anyways, he was really happy to see me, so he raised his head to try to lick my face. That simple movement resulted in him head butting me and giving me a nice fat, sore lip. My lip was swollen for days, actually. He was none the wiser.

There have been more serious injuries. As a four month old puppy, he decided to play tug of war with something that belonged to me. I wasn't paying too much attention to what he was doing, so little Rocky snatched the object, lowered his body to the ground, and gave a nice tug. Before I knew it, I was left dealing with a dislocated shoulder. Other various injuries we've sustained include a broken finger while playing with Rocky (no, he didn't bite the finger), a knee injury due to Rocky not paying attention to where he was running, assorted bumps and bruises caused by either a wagging tail or a head butt, scratches of various degrees because Rocky decided to jump on a lap and not budge from it.

Pit Bull love sometimes hurts. What Pit Bull related injuries have you endured?